Envirotainer Releye®

August 10, 2023
Want to keep an eye on your pharma cargo? Wish to access Envirotainer’s global network? Choose Releye®

We listened to our customers’ needs and with the strictest requirements in mind we designed our latest innovation: Releye® - the most reliable solution for temperature-controlled shipment of pharmaceuticals on the market.

The unique airflow system protects your cargo even in the most demanding shipping conditions.
With unrivaled capacity and load efficiency, Releye® maximizes your amount of cargo – reducing your costs and your carbon emissions.
The outstanding autonomy with 170h on a single battery charge gives your cargo a safe ride.
The unmatched Live Monitoring system allows you to continuously keep track on the status of your cargo.
Envirotainer Control Tower service offers a global team following your shipment’s every move 24/7, ready for rapid response to any critical event.

Choosing Releye® gives you access to Envirotainer’s broad global network enabling efficient logistics from anywhere to any place.

Want to know more about why Releye® is the most reliable solution for your cold chain shipment?